FAQ for Lom and Jotunheimen

***This post has been updated for the 2017 summer season***

We are aware that finding information in English can be a bit difficult so here are some frequently asked questions and answers for Lom and Jotunheimen. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for you could always contact us by phone at (+47) 61 21 29 90 or send an email to info@visitjotunheimen.no. You can also visit us in person, we are located right in the center of Lom in the Coop-building and our opening hours are:

01.06. – 22.06.: Monday – Saturday from 10.00 – 18.00

23.06. – 20.08.: Monday – Saturday from 09.00 – 21.00

         Sunday from 10.00 – 18.00

21.08. – 02.09.: Monday – Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00

How do I get to Lom by public transportation?

There are two direct routes from Oslo to Lom. The NX 146 route has two daily departures from Oslo, one at 09:30 and one at 22:00. In the period  18.06.-20.08. this route has an additional departure from Oslo at 14:30 every day except on Saturdays. See http://www.nettbuss.no for timetables and tickets.

During the summer season: 30.06. – 03.09, Valdresekspressen has an extended route departing from Oslo  at 08:35 for Lom. From 30.06 – 02.09.  there is also a 13:05 departure from Oslo going through Lom and all the way to Leirvassbu. Valdresekspressen also stops at Gjendesheim on its way to Lom.  See busstilfjells.no for timetables and tickets.

The NW431 Fjordekspressen goes back and forth between Trondheim and Bergen with a stop in Lom. From Bergen there is a 16:30 departure to Lom, and from Trondheim there is a 22:30 departure to Lom. See https://www.nor-way.no/en-US/routes/our-routes/fjordekspressen for timetables and tickets.

It also possible to take a train to Otta, the station closest to Lom and, and catch a bus from Otta to Lom. Between Otta and Lom there is the 142 bus and the 501, see  http://www.opplandstrafikk.no/ for timetables, in addition to the NX146 and NW431 mentioned above. See https://www.nsb.no/en/frontpage for train tickets and schedules.

These are just the most trafficked, direct routes, there are other ways of getting to Lom depending on where you are. If you need help planning route by public transport in Norway we recommend using http://rutebok.no/nriiis/Default.aspx?Language=e, a website that collects all timetables for buses, trains and ferries in the country.

Is there any public transportation from Lom to Jotunheimen?

From 30.06 – 20.08. there is a bus to Juvasshytta with two daily departures from Lom, one at 08:25 and one at 13:30, timetable here: http://www.opplandstrafikk.no/Handlers/fh.ashx?MId1=2676&FilId=5102

From 30.06 – 20.08 the bus to Spiterstulen has two daily departures from Lom as well, one at 08:25 and one at 15:00. From 25.08. – 17.09. this bus has one departure from Lom at 15:00, see timetable here: http://www.opplandstrafikk.no/Handlers/fh.ashx?MId1=2676&FilId=5092

 From 30.06 – 02.09 Valdresekspressen, mentioned above, departs from Lom to Leirvassbu every day at 19:15 (19:05 on Sundays,) and in the opposite direction towards Gjendesheim at 10:40 and at 16:00

From 19.06 – 03.09 there is also a bus from Lom to Sogndal, crossing Sognefjellet, stopping at both Krossbu and Sognefjellshytta. This route has two daily departures, one at 08:25 and one at 16:30, see timetable here: http://www.opplandstrafikk.no/Handlers/fh.ashx?MId1=2676&FilId=5093

These places are all great starting points for exploring Jotunheimen.

Where can we spend the night?

There are plenty of different types of accommodations available in Lom, Jotunheimen and the surrounding area, everything from beautiful historical hotels and unique mountain lodges to camping and cozy cottages. On our website here: https://visitjotunheimen.no/accomodation/?lang=en you can find a comprehensive list of places to spend the night and their contact information/homepage. For places without an English website you can translate the entire site by posting a link to it on https://translate.google.com/ or you can send them an email if you have trouble finding what you are looking for.

I want to summit Galdhøpiggen, what is the recommend route?

See our blog entry about Galdhøpiggen here:  https://visitjotunheimen.no/turen-noregs-tak-galdhopiggen/?lang=en

 I want to do the Besseggen hike, what is the recommend route?

The standard route is to take the boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and then hike the Besseggen ridge back to Gjendesheim. You can also turn this into a two-day hike by talking the boat all the way to Gjendebu and hiking from there to Memurubu, then do the Besseggen hike the next day after spending the night at Memurubu. Read more about the Besseggen hike here: http://besseggen.net/besseggen-hike/?lang=en and see this site for more information and timetables for the Gjendeboat: https://www.gjende.no/en/

I want to walk from cabin to cabin, any recommended route?

Below you can find some suggestions for different routes of varying length. The routes are usually marked with cairns, signs, paint etc. and the staff at the different places can help point you in the right direction. At the website www.ut.no (language options in the top right corner) you can use the search function to find more information about the individual routes, height profiles, distances etc.

Two day hikes:

Spiterstulen -> Glitterheim (across Glittertind, the second highest mountain in Norway.) Glitterheim  -> Spiterstulen

Sognefjellshytta -> Skogadalsbøen -Skogadalsbøen -> Leirvassbu

Three day hikes:

Spiterstulen -> Gjendebu – Gjendebu -> Leirvassbu – Leirvassbu -> Spiterstulen

Leirvassbu -> Olavsbu – Olavsbu -> Skogadalsbøen -Skogadalsbøen -> Leirvassbu

Seven-day roundtrip:

Gjendesheim -> Glitterheim – Glitterheim -> Spiterstulen – Spiterstulen -> Leirvassbu – Leirvassbu -> Skogadalsbøen – Skogadalsbøen -> Olavsbu – Olavsbu -> Gjendebu – Boat from Gjendebu to Memurubu then Memurubu -> Gjendesheim across the Besseggen ridge.

These are obviously just suggestions and there is no “correct” route, plan a route that suits you or decide on a day-to-day basis as you go along. You can also extend a route by doing day hikes from where you’re staying.

What about food along the way?

At the staffed cabins/mountain lodges they serve breakfast (with the opportunity to pack some lunch) and dinner, most places also have a small selection of basic food items like instant soup, crisp bread etc. for sale.

Do I need to book a room at the DNT-cabins?

There is no need for a reservation at the DNT-cabins, they don’t turn anyone away, however things can get crowded in the high season and you should be prepared to share a room or sleep on just a mattress on the floor. If you are thinking of staying at the same cabin for several nights or you are bringing a small child or a dog booking in advance could be advantageous. You can read more about the DNT-cabin system here https://english.dnt.no/routes-and-cabins and more about the individual cabins/lodges here http://goo.gl/w7MkxK. Keep in mind that Leirvassbu, Spiterstulen, Juvasshytta, Sognefjellshytta, Turtagrø and Memurubu are not DNT-cabins so if you plan on staying at any one of those making a reservation would advisable.

Where can I buy a hiking map?

Hiking maps and books about hiking can be purchased at most of the DNT-cabins, at the different mountain lodges or in the center of Lom at either Fjellsenteret, Sport1 Lom or Fjell og Fritid.

What are the rules regarding camping in Jotunheimen?

In Norway you can put up a tent anywhere you like as long as you are at least 150 meters away from the nearest inhabited house or cabin and you’re not on fenced land without the landowner’s permission, see more about the right to roam here: http://www.miljodirektoratet.no/Documents/publikasjoner/M86/M86.pdf

What is the weather going to be like in Jotunheimen?

See http://www.yr.no/place/Norway/Oppland/Lom/Jotunheimen/ for the most up to date forecast for the Jotunheimen area, you can also use the search function to find specific locations in Jotunheimen. Below is a list of web cameras at different locations in Jotunheimen, they can give you an idea about the weather and current conditions.

Gjendesheim (1000 meters above sea level) http://www.webkameraerinorge.com/webcams.php?viewcam=1676

Spiterstulen (1100 MASL)  http://www.spiterstulen.no/en/vaerstasjon/webkamera/

Krossbu (1200 MASL) http://krossbu.no/index.php/webkamera-full

Leirvassbu (1400 MASL) http://ton.no/en/leirvassbu-mountain-lodge/web-camera

What is there to do in Lom?

The town of Lom really comes alive during the summer months with several different restaurants, museums and activities in and around town. Here is a map of the town with just some of things we have on offer: http://www.lom.kommune.no/getfile.php/2365552.922.fdcvvpxavp/Turkart+Lom+nasjonalparklandsby_engelsk_lr.pdf. See the links below for suggestions for some activities to do when visiting.

Lom og Skjåk Adventure (rafting, caving, climbing etc.) http://www.lsadventure.no/en_index.html

Aktiv i Lom (Galdhøpiggen climbing park, zipline, guiding, activity park etc.) http://aktivilom.no/?lang=en

Fyrst og Fremst (guiding, caving, glacier walks.) http://fyrstogfremst.no/en/

Klimapark 2469 (unique ice tunnel) http://klimapark2469.no/en/

I hope you found what you were looking for and if not do not hesitate to contact us as mentioned at the beginning of this post